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The majority of clinicians consider patient comfort one of the most important attributes in choosing a power scaling device. Despite this, many people still avoid regular dental hygiene appointments because of past discomfort or pain. Implementing the right technology into your practice can be the ultimate solution to patient discomfort.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling, the dominant technology around the world, is renowned for the gentle yet efficient treatment that it delivers. Discover how Piezon Technology combines the comfort of piezoelectric scaling with advanced features to elevate your performance and your patients' experience at the same time.

Comfort Features

Piezon Icons Piezon Icons Piezon Icons
Optimized linear instrument movements are clearly aligned with the tooth surfaces for minimum abrasion. All Piezon units have more power settings than industry standard for a customizable treatment for every patient and clinical situation. The devices sense when there is a tougher deposit and adjust the power accordingly for less treatment disruption.

Piezon Benefits

Piezon Icons Piezon Icons Piezon Icons Piezon Icons
All of the features of Piezon Technology are designed to optimize patient comfort while maintaining a high level of efficacy. Patients will feel the difference. When Piezon Technology is operated using the precise linear technique, it is almost silent - taking away the fear associated with past procedures. While ultrasonic scalers are widely known and used for hygiene procedures, Piezon devices can also be used for endodontic and restorative treatments. Patients can tell when an office is committed to the patient experience. Using Piezon Technology for ultrasonic scaling will keep patients coming back and recommending your office.


Piezon250 Piezon150
Piezon® 250 Piezon® 150
  • Power, precision, design, and function in a small package
  • Large, ergonomic interface for easy power adjustments throughout the treatment
  • Instantaneous tip amplitude adjustment offers smooth treatment and ultimate patient comfort
  • Choose from the self-contained Piezon 250 with the water bottle attachment or the Piezon 150's waterline connection





Pieson_devices Pieson_devices Pieson_devices Pieson_devices
Piezon® Master 700 Piezon 707 Built-in Kit (A-dec) AIRFLOW Master Piezon® AIRFLOW® S2
• The most sophisticated Piezon unit for ultrasonic scaling with a best-in-class feedback loop - adjusting power 200x per second!
• Two easily interchangeable liquid bottles allow for both water and medicaments to be used depending on patient needs
• Capacity for two handpieces to quickly switch between tips (standard unit comes with one handpiece)
The superior technology of the Piezon Master 700 can now be integrated right into your A-dec dental unit. The superior technology of the Piezon® Master 700 for ultrasonic scaling, plus AIRFLOW and PERIO-FLOW technology for air polishing, stain removal, and biofilm management both supra and subgingivally! The original combination unit - Classic AIRFLOW technology for air polishing plus Piezon® technology for ultrasonic scaling in one.


  Piezon 150 Piezon 250 Piezon Master 700 AIRFLOW Master Piezon AIRFLOW S2
Technology Type Static Static Dynamic Dynamic Static
Intelligent Feedback Control 15x/second 15x/second 200x/second 200x/second 4x/second
Water Waterline Bottle 2 Bottles Bottle Waterline
LED handpiece  
Power control/interface Rotating Rotating Touchscreen Touchscreen Knobs
Foot pedal functions 2 2 4 4 1

Hu-Friedy EMS Tips

Piezon tips Piezon Tips Piezon Tips
Instrument A Instrument P Instrument PS
Designed for moderate to heavy supragingival deposits, or subgingival deposits when access is not an issue. Designed for moderate to heavy supragingival deposits, or subgingival deposits when access is not an issue. Instrument P is slightly longer and thinner than Instrument A. The most popular Hu-Friedy EMS tip - can be used for light calculus both supra and subgingivally.

Perio/Scaling Tip Usage

Supragingival Deposits            
Shallow pockets                  
Light to moderate deposits in deep periodontal pockets              
Moderate to heavy deposits in deep periodontal pockets                
Furcation areas              
Implant surfaces and restorations                    
Periodontal debridement                
Cleaning and irrigation of periodontal pockets                
Ortho Cement                  


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