Air polishing is a procedure which uses air & water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of specially processed powders in a slurry through the handpiece nozzle. Fine particles of powders are propelled by compressed air in a warm spray and directed onto the surfaces of the teeth. This pressurized jet of air, water and powder removes surface stains, plaque and other soft deposits such as food particles trapped in between the teeth.

But AIRFLOW® Therapy isn't a typical air polishing treatment. Forget the messy, uncomfortable treatments you've given up on and explore the benefits AIRFLOW can bring to your patients and your practice.


The majority of clinicians consider patient comfort one of the most important attributes in choosing a power scaling device. Despite this, many people still avoid regular dental hygiene appointments because of past discomfort or pain. Implementing the right technology into your practice can be the ultimate solution to patient discomfort.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling, the dominant technology around the world, is renowned for the gentle yet efficient treatment that it delivers. Discover how Piezon Technology combines the comfort of piezoelectric scaling with advanced features to elevate your performance and your patients' experience at the same time.