Hu-Friedy Composite Instruments

Hu-Friedy Composite Instruments


Effortlessly manipulate composite materials during aesthetic restorations with Akro-Flex. This extremely flexible composite instrument uses super elastic Nickel Titanium that allows Akro-Flex to perform as a solid brush. Akro-Flex’s hyper-thin profile allows you to reach those narrow interproximal spaces with ease. Also, its smooth and lightweight handle offers increased control. The Akro-Flex’s handle is an ergonomically friendly option that helps reduce hand fatigue. Create beautiful restorations with Akro-Flex.

Acro flex


XTS instruments allow for exceptional non-stick placement of composite materials without discoloring the restoration. The distinctive black finish, which will not flake, provides an enhanced contrast between the instrument, tooth structure, and composite material.



Explore our wide array of composite/plastic filling instruments. These thin and flexible instruments have a highly polished and non-stick stainless-steel blades to easily place and contour composite. With options such as Dr. Ronald Goldstein’s Flexi-Thin composite instruments, there is an instrument for every basic need when it comes to tooth restoration.

Standard composite instruments