Guided Biofilm Therapy - Before & After

Guided Biofilm Therapy - Before & After


Biofilm accumulates at the gingival margin, causing inflammation. Help treat gingivitis by safely removing biofilm in this area.

Caries Detection

With this patient's excess of biofilm, it was difficult to see and feel caries. Once it was completely removed, the caries were revealed and treated.


Finally, a gentle and effective treatment for cleaning implants and treating peri-implantitis in a minimally invasive way. Here, both biofilm and calculus were safely removed without damaging the implant.

Pediatric Patients

GBT using low abrasive Plus powder is safe for children. And, they will enjoy seeing the colored disclosing solution, which will help motivate in their oral health routine.


While brackets, bands and wires normally hinder your access, AIRFLOW will help you easily remove biofilm through and around these ortho appliances.

Exposed Dentin

Areas with exposed dentin are sensitive. The disclosing solution guides treatment so you can limit contact to only what is necessary.

Stains and Calculus

AIRFLOW removes stains, uncovering the calculus that can then be removed with Piezon scaling.