Instrument Management System - HOW TO GET STARTED

Instrument Management System - HOW TO GET STARTED



A quick facelift to the sterilization area will allow the practice to see improved efficiency and productivity immediately. Simply de-clutter, use appropriate equipment, and arrange the steri-center with optimized flow (receiving, cleaning, packaging, sterilization & storage), as recommended by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Sterilization Center

Upgraded cleaning and sterilizing equipment may be required, including a 2.5-3-gallon ultrasonic or an automated washer with an ultrasonic bath and at least a 10" chamber steam sterilizer. Use our Capacity Chart to check the compatibility of Hu-Friedy cassettes with your current reprocessing equipment.

If you’re not sure how your instrument reprocessing and infection prevention protocols stack up, take our Infection Control Self Check to discover opportunities for improvement.

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