Drone Dentistry

Drone Dentistry

Dr. Michael Drone


Located in Valparaiso, Indiana, Drone Dentistry & Prosthodontics is headed by Dr. Michael Drone. Since the practice was purchased in 2008, Drone Dentistry’s dedicated and knowledgeable team has taken the greatest care of their patients. The team at Drone Prosthodontics aims for their patients to walk out of their office with beautifully clean teeth and easy-to-understand dental knowledge.


Upon purchasing the practice, Dr. Drone noticed issues with the way instruments were being handled. Hygienists would open the sterilization bags and the instruments would drop onto the countertops causing bends, cracks, and other damage. Reprocessing was unorganized, as instruments would break or go missing, slowing down procedures.

Dr. Drone wasted no time in switching over to Hu-Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS). During his time in dental school and residency, Dr. Drone used cassettes and knew the benefits of instilling them in his practice. The benefits began to show instantly.

“The main exciting point for us was having the cassettes all together, said Dr. Drone. “We didn't have instruments breaking, we didn't have them bending. When we opened them up they were all perfectly aligned in the order that we use them. More importantly, we knew if something was missing, what it was, and we could replace that.”

After switching to IMS, instruments were easier to sterilize and were cleaner than ever before. Reprocessing instruments became efficient and gave staff the time to focus more on the patients. In addition, using cassettes benefitted Drone’s practice financially. Dr. Drone began to realize some of his previously purchased instruments weren’t being used at all and correspondingly, he started spending less money on unnecessary instruments.

“The biggest advantage for me in buying this was when they tell you how many instruments for the cassettes you start realizing, ’I don't use a lot of these things that I think I would use,’ you start saving money by only ordering the instruments that you're going to use for the procedures,” said Dr. Drone.


Having known the benefits of the Instrument Management System, Dr. Drone knew it was the solution his office needed. Switching to IMS, helped the office become much more efficient by maintaining the cleanliness, organization, and longevity of their instruments. The staff doesn’t have to leave the operatory anymore to look for a missing instrument, fostering a stronger staff and patient interaction.

“I would tell any doctor, get the right cassette system,” said Dr. Drone. “Hu-Friedy's got amazing product lines for any type of specialty, general dentistry, and the cassette system is by far the best way to go.”

The cassette system is by far the best way to go.