Infection Prevention Products

HuFriedyGroup Infection Prevention Products

Infection prevention is the cornerstone of every successful dental practice. While transmission of infectious agents and diseases in the dental setting is rare, it does happen, which is why it’s critical to continually reinforce the importance of best practices and industry standards. 

Help create a culture of safety at your office with the following resources. From posters to guidelines to quizzes, HuFriedyGroup has the tools to help practices ensure patient and employee safety as well operate at optimal efficiency.


Your trusted instrument manufacturer is also your trusted source for all products related to processing those instruments through the cleaning and sterilization steps. Everything you need for creating an efficient and safe reprocessing protocol is right here. Instrument processing is a key part of any office infection control program and must be performed properly to help ensure patient safety. Our full line of cleaning and sterilization products optimize staff and patient safety while maximizing office efficiency.

cleaning and care

Cleaning and Care
HuFriedyGroup offers a full line of cleaning and care products that provide superior levels of instrument cleaning, extended life for instruments and protection for both patients and staff by offering a higher standard of clean for dental offices.

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dental water line filter

Waterline Filter
The HuFriedyGroup Waterline Filter makes cleaning and treating dental unit water lines for one year simple, with no daily, weekly or monthly protocols required.

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sterilization monitoring

Sterilization Monitoring
HuFriedyGroup has a full line of products for sterilization monitoring to help dental practices follow the CDC recommendation of placing indicators inside each pack and conducting biological monitoring of sterilizers at least weekly.

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sterilization packaging

Sterilization Packaging
HuFriedyGroup’s complete line of wraps, pouches, and containers makes it easy for dental practices to find products that meet their specific needs. These FDA-cleared medical devices have been tested and approved for use in the sterilization process.

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surface disinfectant

Surface Disinfectant
HuFriedyGroup's surface disinfectant products are designed to clean and disinfect dental surfaces while working fast and effectively killing a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms in one minute*.

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Instrument Management

Instrument Management
HuFriedyGroup’s Instrument Management System (IMS™) is designed to keep instruments organized and intact from cleaning to chairside. It eliminates instrument scrubbing and sorting, protects against breakage, and reduces the risk of injury.

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* This product kills the following organism in 2 minutes on pre-cleaned, hard, non-porous surfaces at room temperature: Mycobacterium bovis BCG (TB)