Instrument Management System

Instrument Management System

Instrument Management may seem like a small step, but it can have a big impact on any facility. Keeping instruments organized and managing them properly improves the flow of the facility, which allows the sterilization area to run more efficiently and clinicians to focus on providing the best level of care.

With our Instrument Management System, you can take your facility to the next level. Our IMS™ Cassettes keep instruments organized and protected throughout the facility, allowing you to go from chairside to cleaning to sterilization to storage without ever touching contaminated instruments. This helps to improve efficiency, safety, compliance, organization, standardization, instrument protection, and more.

Now, with the 10-year warranty of IMS™ Cassettes, you can feel confident in the long-lasting impact on efficiency, safety, organization, and compliance in your facility.

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  1. Ergonomic latch with positive locking mechanism is safe and easy-to-use, allows one-handed opening and visual confirmation if the cassette is locked /unlocked.
  2. Revolutionary hole pattern design provides more access to instruments during cleaning and sterilization and increases compatibility with today’s cleaning equipment, including automated washers.
  3. High quality, electropolished stainless steel provides more durability than plastic to keep your instruments safe inside while also protecting against corrosion.
  4. Smooth round corners and slotted edges increase drainage and reduce drying time.
  5. Beveled edge allows for a more ergonomic grasp.
  6. Innovative color-coded silicone rail system, available in 11 color options, significantly reduces instrument contact, allowing for more water flow while protecting the instruments during reprocessing.
IMS Cassette

The Benefits of IMS™ Cassettes


IMS™ Cassettes eliminate time-consuming steps to streamline reprocessing, which can save facilities an hour or more each day.

Safety and compliance

IMS™ Cassettes minimizes how often contaminated instruments are handled, improving compliance during transportation and reprocessing while also reducing the risk of a costly sharps injury.


IMS™ Cassettes help facilities better organize their reprocessing flow, freeing up to seven linear feet of counter space, so they can maximize the space in their sterilization area.

When coupled with the use of organizational tubs for procedural disposables, efficiency and organization are greatly improved as procedure needs are easily identified for quick patient set up.

Instrument Protection

IMS™ Cassettes are made of durable, stainless steel to protect the integrity of your instruments. They also keep your instruments held in place and spaced out for an optimal environment for proper reprocessing.


IMS™ Cassettes help facilities create a system for managing their procedural setups. Each setup includes all of the instruments that are needed to help with onboarding and standardizing care throughout a single facility and even across multiple locations.


IMS™ Cassettes can make an immediate impact on a facility's bottom line, with the time saved allowing them to see new patients and bring in tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue.


Potential Added Revenue Per Day
  Revenue Per Day
$1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000
Procedures Per Day 10 $104 $208 $313 $417 $521
20 $208 $417 $625 $833 $1,042
30 $313 $625 $938 $1,250 $1,563
40 $417 $833 $1,250 $1,677 $2,083
50 $521 $1,042 $1,563 $2,083 $2,604

Example: A facility billing $2.000 of revenue a day doing 20 procedures would be able to generate an additional

$417.00 per day with the time saved using IMS™.

$2,000 ÷ 480 minutes (8 hours) = $4.17 revenue/minute.

20 procedures x 5 minutes saved/procedure x $4.17/minute = $417.00.

Maintaining your facility’s compliance program doesn’t have to be a burden. GreenLight Dental Compliance Center by Hu-Friedy is an exclusive program that keeps all infection prevention guidelines and regulations conveniently housed in an easy-to-use digital platform. GreenLight members can create customized protocols, track and report sterilization and waterline monitoring, access exclusive training and education resources, and more. 

The Impact of IMS™ Cassettes

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IMS™ Cassettes have a warranty period of 10 years for the stainless steel shell only. Limitations and conditions apply. For complete details, visit


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