Compliance and Transparency

Verification. Hu-­Friedy is in the process of asking its suppliers to verify in writing that slavery and human trafficking do not take place within their company or within their supply chains.

Audits. Hu-­Friedy audits its suppliers to evaluate supplier compliance with company standards for preventing trafficking and slavery in supply chains.

Certification. Hu-­Friedy’s standard terms and conditions require its suppliers to warrant, represent and covenant that all goods have been produced in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

Internal Accountability. Hu-­Friedy has a variety of internal human rights-­related policies and guidelines that comply with applicable laws and regulations. In the e vent an employee or contractor engages in or fails to address circumstances that indicate a supplier is engaging in prohibited conduct, the consequences for non -­‐ compliance will depend on the nature, circumstances, and severity of the violation. Consequences for employees engaged in prohibited conduct can include discipline up to and including termination of employment. Consequences for contractors engaging in prohibited conduct, can terminating or non -­‐ renewal of an existing contract with the supplier.

Training. Hu-­Friedy is in the process of providing education regarding human trafficking and slavery laws to its employees who have direct responsibility for supply chain management.

See Hu-Friedy’s compliance corporate policies here.

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