Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors and Valves

Safe-Flo saliva ejectors and valves

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Did You Know? Evacuation Line Backflow Potentially Impacts One in Five Patients

According to the CDC, studies have reported that backflow in low-volume suction lines can occur and microorganisms present in the lines can be retracted into the patient's mouth when a seal around the saliva ejector is created or when a length of the suction tubing holding the tip is positioned above the patient's mouth. This backflow can be a potential source of cross-contamination.

Safe-Flo Features & Benefits

  • One-Way Valves: U​nique Safe-Flo™ one-way valves provide a physical barrier that prevents the backflow described above.
  • Easy-to-Use: Safe-Flo™ Saliva Ejectors are fully assembled and can replace your current saliva ejector. Or you can easily add an adapter to your current saliva ejector or HVE tip to provide the same backflow protection for your patients.
  • Added Protection: Keep all your patients safe from the potential risk of contaminated backflow. Safe-Flo™ provides added protection for geriatric, pediatric and special needs patients who may experience a variety of oral soft tissue changes or who may inadvertently close their lips around the saliva ejector.

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