Core Values

Core Values

Hu-Friedy’s core values are the principles, standards and actions that members of our organization represent and which Hu-Friedy considers inherently worthwhile. How we treat each other, how we go about our work, and what is most important to our organization can be explained through TRIERS:

Teamwork - If we are to achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves, we know we must rely on our teammates to do their part and be part of the solution.

Respect - We thrive through our diversity and celebrate the differences between us as well as the value each of us brings to the organization.

Integrity - We believe in competing and conducting our business in an honorable way, seeking win-win solutions in all our dealings.

Excellence - Our customers expect us to provide the highest quality products and services. We, in turn, expect top performance and achievement from our teammates.

Reliability – We seek to consistently meet the needs of our customers, while continuously improving.

Social Responsibility - We are committed to identifying causes and allocating resources to address healthcare, education and environmental philanthropic needs.