Waterline Test Kit Sample Request

Waterline Test Kit Sample Request

The Importance of Testing

Your dental unit waterlines can quickly become a breeding ground for a variety of dangerous bacteria.
Treating your waterlines is important to prevent the growth of biofilm, which can put staff and patients at risk.
But the only way to know your water is compliant with current microbiological water quality standards is through regular testing.
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Biofilm quickly grows within the dark, narrow tubing of dental unit waterlines. 
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Within five days, microbial counts can reach 200,000 CFU/mL in a newly installed dental waterline.2
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Infections from contaminated waterlines led to permanent tooth loss, hearing loss, facial nerve palsy, and incision fibrosis.3
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The CDC1 recommends dental treatment water meets the current EPA drinking water standards of ≤500 CFU/ml. 
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OSAP recommends testing monthly until two-consecutive passing results followed by quarterly testing. 
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The state of Washington has passed regulations that now require dental facilities to perform waterline testing.
Waterline Test Kit
24-Hour In-Office Dental Waterline Test Kit

Quick Results - Detects microbial levels that exceed 500 CFU/mL 24 hours at room temperature

Simple Process - Collect water samples directly into provided vials, then just seal and shake.

Easy-to-Read - Easy-to-read pass/fail results based on water color change.

Waterline Test Kit
Mail-In Dental Waterline Test Service

Includes everything you need - test vials, shipping materials, and pre-paid shipping. Simply collect your water samples and send to the lab.

Testing is conducted by an ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory with unbiased results for external validation.

Online member portal provides a single location to track your water samples; retrieve and historically track test results.


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1 CDC MMWR: Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings - 2003
2 Barbeau J., Tanguay R., Faucher E., Avezard, C., Trudel L., Co^te L. and Pre’vost A.P. 1996. Multiparametric Analysis of Waterline Contamination in Dental Units. Amer Soc for Microbiology. 62,11:3954–3959
3 Haahr Iversen R., Illum P. Cervicofacial nontuberculous mycobacterial lymphadenitis in children. Dan Med J 59/1; 1-4

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