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Hu-Friedy believes in building strong relationships, and providing an over-arching value to our business partner’s life and the lives of those who are affected by their decisions – Corporate, Doctors, Staff and Patients. Hu-Friedy is committed to understanding and adapting to the individual needs of each DSO and providing customers a full return on their investment. We do this by providing group practices additional opportunities in key areas including: standardization, efficiency and compliance, education, aiding in employee acquisition and retention, cost savings, and so much more.



Streamlining the procurement process has never been easier with Hu-Friedy Instrument Management (IMS )serving as your one-stop shop with over 10,000 instruments and products. Simplify your process by taking advantage of our pre-set procedural set ups, each created with various office specialties in mind. These IMS setups allow for discounted pricing and supplier consolidation – everything in one. Practices can also address infection control needs through Hu-Friedy’s vast line of infection control products, everything from a waterline cleaning system to medical-grade hand care, a dual enzyme ultrasonic cleaner, utility gloves and a vast array of sterilization products including sterilization containers.


Hu-Friedy’s IMS System also offers an integrated process to Special Markets with a high volume of patients. IMS allows for a reduced chance of error and helps avoid both contamination and injury. It also allows doctors and their staff additional time to focus on other value added activities. Hu-Friedy cassettes offer an equipment-run system rather than a people-run system, making on-boarding of new employees a seamless experience with limited delays during new employee integration. IMS also allows for easy transportation of instruments from one office to another and, if necessary, moving staff from office to office. 

Start saving time by implementing IMS into a practice. CLICK HERE to watch our Time Savings video.


There are several Hu-Friedy-supported educational opportunities available, many of which come free of charge. Each program was designed to help dentists and staff with annual continuing education requirements. These include: free online CE courses, free live and on-demand webinars, in-office training on product and proper instrument processing, on-site specialty and hygiene courses at Hu-Friedy’s headquarters in Illinois, educational courses based on current CDC requirements and additional courses built specifically to a Dental Support Organization’s needs.

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For more than 107 years, Hu-Friedy has been regarded as the elite dental instrument and product manufacturer in the market with the ability to help aid a DSO with both employee acquisition and retention. An impressive 97% of dental and hygiene schools choose to use Hu-Friedy products within their curriculum. This means 97% of new graduates know, have used and recognize the Hu-Friedy name. A new graduate thinking about joining a DSO will be familiar and comfortable working with the products found in your practices, making the transition from student to practitioner an easy one.Practitioners also feel a certain sense of respect and loyalty working for a DSO that proactively offers them the opportunity to work with one of the industry’s leading dental instrument brands.

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Hu-Friedy boasts competitive pricing aimed at improving your organization’s bottom line, and also offers many cost-savings activities as value add-ons for your DSO.

To learn more about these additional activities contact your local Hu-Friedy Special Markets Representative.


Hu-Friedy is so much more than instruments; we’re the solution. 

To learn more about additional value generating activities contact your local Hu-Friedy Special Markets Representative.


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Region Manager, North American Strategic Markets

Jeff has been involved within the dental industry for over 20 years, working closely with Group Practices over the past four years. Prior to Hu-Friedy, he was employed with Coltene for 16 years managing their Western North America Sales Team. Jeff is currently in his 4th year with Hu-Friedy managing strategic markets for the western half of the United States.
Contact Jeff at (425) 830-0030 or

Region Manager, North American Strategic Markets

Lisa has been in the dental industry for over 22 years, 4 Years as a practicing dental hygienist in Minnesota and 18 years in the sales industry. Lisa is in her 16th year with Hu-Friedy. For the last 2 years her focus has been managing strategic markets for the eastern half of the United States.
Contact Lisa at (651) 260-7075 or


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Contact Hu-Friedy’s dedicated strategic market and corporate accounts specialist: Jacqueline Raigoza at (800) 483-7433 x 5416 or call 1-800-Hu-Friedy for any general inquiries.

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