Environdent™ Frequently Asked Questions

Environdent offers free and environmentally responsible disposal of your old instruments – regardless of brand – and rewards you with new Hu-Friedy instruments that help you perform at your best. For every 12 instruments you recycle, you receive 1 Hu-Friedy instrument, absolutely free.

How It Works

  1. Collect your old instruments.

    Gather old or unwanted instruments of any brand and pack the instruments into a box for shipment. OSHA regulations and state/provincial health laws mandate that all returned instruments be cleaned and heat sterilized prior to shipping. Remember to cushion the products to prevent package damage during shipment. Note: A small, flat rate box can hold 60 instruments!

  2. Send your instruments to the recycler.

    Log in to Environdent.com and complete our online recycling order form. Indicate the instruments you're returning and the free instrument(s) you would like to receive. We'll send you an email with a printable shipping label and a packing slip containing your order details. If you want to be able to track your shipment to the recycler, we recommend sending your package via your preferred carrier that offers shipping tracking and confirmation. We will send you an email confirmation when your order is received by the recycler and approved for processing. Please note that first-time users must register for an Environdent account to create an order.

  3. Receive Hu-Friedy instruments and exclusive offers.

    After a short time, your brand new Hu-Friedy instrument(s) will arrive in the mail. You'll also receive exclusive deals on Hu-Friedy instruments and products, in addition to news about green practices that you can implement in your practice and home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enroll?

You must be an individual dental practice with a shipping address in the US, US Territories, or Canada. Schools, government, and group practices are not eligible.

What instruments are eligible for recycling?

Environdent covers all dental instruments, regardless of brand, such as scalers, curettes, diagnostic instruments, restorative instruments, endodontic instruments, surgical instruments, piezo tips, and ultrasonic inserts. However, broken instruments or fragmented parts of an instrument, mirror heads, removable scalers, implant and probe tips, and burs will be recycled but will not count as a credit towards your free instrument.

Are the free instruments eligible for redemption subject to change?

Yes, HuFriedyGroup reserves the right at any time to add new eligible instruments to those that are available for redemption and also remove instruments. We will notify you whenever this occurs. All eligible instruments are subject to availability. If any instrument you request is out-of-stock, we will notify you and ship you a comparable substitute instrument.

Can I return or exchange the free instruments I receive?

No. However, we stand behind the quality of all of our products and they are covered by our Warranty Policy available at https://www.hufriedygroup.com/en/services/warranty-returns.

What happens to the instruments I submit for recycling?

HuFriedyGroup partners with responsible third-party metal scrap recyclers that give your recyclable instruments a new life in critical items such as bridges, vehicle parts, and street lights. They will not be refurbished or used for new instruments. The recycler will responsibly dispose of any items that are not recyclable.

What should I do if I have confirmation the recycler received my package but I have not received confirmation that my free instrument is being processed?

If over 4 weeks have passed since you received confirmation of recycler’s receipt, contact us with your tracking number to speak with our Customer Care Specialist.

My browser says there is an issue with the certificate. Is it ok for me to select continue?

Yes. To avoid this in the future, use the most current version of your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, update the browser or try a different browser, computer, or smartphone.

When trying to submit an Order Form, why do I receive the error message “There was a problem placing your order. Please try again” or “Some of your information is incorrect. Please try again”?

Verify that you submitted all necessary information and it is all correct. If you continue receiving this message, it may be because our system is unable to locate the proper address code. Please contact us to speak with our Customer Care Specialist.

Who do I contact for questions regarding Environdent?

Call or email 1-800-HUFRIEDY or care@hu-friedy.com.

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancel your membership at any time by logging into your Account and following the instructions to cancel.