Environdent™ Program Rules


Environdent, the dental industry’s longest-running instrument recycling program, reflects HuFriedyGroup’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Through this program, we keep your practice on the forefront of sustainable dentistry by recycling your old instruments and rewarding you with new HuFriedyGroup instruments free-of-charge, to help you be Best in Practice.


  1. Go to our enrollment page to enroll and create your account.

  2. Select your desired plan: Classic or Premium (see below for details on these plans).
  3. If you choose our Premium Plan, submit your payment information. None is required for our free Classic Plan.
  4. You’ll receive an email confirmation that you’re enrolled!


  1. Collect the instruments you want to recycle, regardless of brand. Make sure they are properly cleaned and heat sterilized as required by OSHA and other laws and regulations, and pack into an appropriate box - a small, flat rate box can hold up to 60 instruments! To avoid injuries, make sure all instruments are properly wrapped and secured so they do not protrude through the package during shipping.

  2. Log in to your account. Complete the Environdent Recycling Order Form and print out the packing slip and shipping label that we email you. They are also available for download – after logging in, click the “Account” button in the top right-hand corner, select the correct Order Form and click on the link to download.
  3. Place the packing slip inside the package – you will not be credited for your submission if you do not include this packing slip! Place the shipping label on the package and ship to our recycler whose address is on the shipping label. This is not a prepaid shipping label and you are responsible for the cost of shipping, using the carrier of your choice.
  4. We will send you an email confirmation when your package is received by our recycler.


  1. When submitting the Order Form, you’ll see the list of free HuFriedyGroup instruments eligible for redemption. Select the one you would like to receive.

  2. We will send you a confirmation email that we’ve received your package and are processing your redemption. You can expect your free new HuFriedyGroup instrument(s) in the mail within 8-12 weeks after our receipt of your package!
  3. From time to time, we may offer Bonus Days with special limited-time-only promotional opportunities for you to redeem additional free instruments. You'll also receive exclusive deals on HuFriedyGroup products and news about green practices that you can implement in your practice.


  1. Our Classic Plan lets you recycle up to 60 instruments in a one-year recycling period, and lets you redeem one free eligible HuFriedyGroup instrument for every 12 instruments you recycle, giving you up to 5 free HuFriedyGroup instruments every year (approximate value of $400)!

  2. If you want to recycle more instruments, join our Premium Plan for just $199 a year, and you can recycle up to 180 instruments in a one-year recycling period, with a free eligible HuFriedyGroup instrument redeemable for every 12 instruments you recycle, giving you up to 15 free instruments every year (approximate value of $1200)! The Premium Plan also provides additional benefits including a welcome kit that may include a plush Nevi, Nevi stickers and various product samples, and exclusive access to new product announcements, members-only promotions and VIP access to Bonus Days. You will be charged the annual fee when you enroll and also automatically at the start of every one-year recycling period, to the payment method that you provide unless you terminate your membership prior to those dates.
  3. The one-year recycling periods start the day you enroll in Environdent and automatically renew annually thereafter. For example, if you enroll in the Classic Plan on January 1, you may submit up to 60 instruments through December 31. On the following January 1, your new one-year recycling period starts and you get a new allotment of 60 instruments to recycle. Any unused recycling allotments or earned but unredeemed new instruments from the previous one-year recycling period expire and do not carry over to the following period.
  4. You can upgrade to the Premium Plan from the Classic Plan at any time by logging in to your account and selecting the Premium Plan and providing your credit card information. Your one-year recycling period under the Premium Plan will begin and your Classic Plan will terminate, on that day. Any unused recycling allotments or earned but unredeemed new instruments under the Classic Plan expire and will not carry over to the Premium Plan.

(Rev. 5/1/24)