Empowerment Kit

Enhance the effectiveness of your ultrasonic and airflow treatment protocol

The finishing touch to any power therapy, the Empowerment Kit is the perfect set of scalers to enhance the effectiveness of your Ultrasonic and Air Polishing treatment protocol. Treatment does not end with power scaling because hand scaling is still necessary to ensure the best results for your patients. Learn more about the Empowerment Kit below.


with an average of 10% thinner blades.

The most common place where calculus is left behind is the cervical area of the tooth[1]. The 10% thinner blades,[2] of the Empowerment Kit are specifically designed for easier access to tight interproximal spaces and/or allow for easier insertion subgingivally. Combined with the clinically proven sharp cutting edge of EverEdge™ 2.0 Technology[3], clinicians can effectively remove the calculus subgingivally, reducing the risk of leaving behind calculus.



The Empowerment Scalers are color-coded to easily identify which anatomical area of the mouth and tooth surface each instrument is used on. Maximize efficiency by reducing the time spent identifying different working ends. Click on each scaler below to view where each is used.

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Infinity 8 Instrument Cassette, Purple |IMN5084
#11/12 Old Dominion University Explorer |EXD11/126
Nevi 4 Empowerment Scaler
#7/8 Empowerment Gracey
#13/14 Empowerment Gracey
#11/12 Empowerment Gracey
#1/2 Empowerment Gracey
#7/8 Empowerment Younger Good Scaler
Nevi 1 Empowerment Scaler
Additional Scaler Options  
#17/18 Mini 5 Empowerment Gracey
#15/16 After 5 Empowerment Gracey
#1/2 After 5 Empowerment Gracey
#3/4 Empowerment Langer

For more information on the Empowerment Kit, please download the brochure

Empowerment Kit scalers

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[2] Data on file, available upon request.
[3] Data on File, Available upon request