IMS User and Implementation Guide

Instrument Management System (IMS) User and Implementation Guide

While your Hu-Friedy representative is available to you as a resource, there may be times that you need a refresher on the different steps of the instrument reprocessing cycle with your IMS cassettes.

The videos in this section are segmented into shorter clips that walk through the implementation of cassettes, starting from when the shipment arrives. Walk through different areas such as Treatment Room – Post Procedure, Transportation, the different sections of the sterilization area, and Patient Prep.

Additional video clips are available on the use of Organizational Tubs, Orthodontic instruments, cleaning and sterilization monitoring, Personal Protective Equipment, and More!

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With proper care, your Hu-Friedy IMS Cassettes can last a very long time. At times, maintenance is needed to keep the cassettes functioning well and looking new. Click here for maintenance how-to videos that will walk you through how to replace components, such as rails, and install accessories, like hinged instrument clips on your cassettes.


Hu-Friedy has a wide variety of resources on instrument reprocessing, infection prevention and IMS. Now you can find them in one place.

This section contains downloadable resource documents such as our validated instrument reprocessing guidelines, instructions for use (IFU) for instrument processing and infection prevention products, printable step-by-step guides, equipment capacity charts for best cassette compatibility, and much more.

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