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What Our Customers Are Saying: Hu-Friedy Instrument Management System

Dr. Koos

Dr. Wojno

Dr. Drone

Dr. Naem

Dr. Lin

Meet Our Industry Experts
Amy Morgan

A happy, motivated team is essential to create a culture that creates happy, motivated patients! Bad staff members are made… no one starts a new job hoping to make everyone's life miserable
- Amy Morgan,
CEO, Pride Institute





A great team can make or break a practice. Having a well-educated team is key to the overall success of the practice
Office Manager, Boardwalk Family Dental




When a leader pours into the development and growth of his or her team on a consistent basis through team meetings, team training, vision-casting, and communication of expectations — exponential growth can occur.
- Carrie Webber,
Chief Communications Officer & Owner, Jameson Management




A well-run and efficient hygiene program will open the doors to not only new patients, but to restorative.
- Izzy Naem, DDS
Dentist/Owner, Floss & Company






Giving patients quality time and treatment will result in loyal patient retention.                         
-Erin Doffoney, Rdh BAS
Founder, Techs for Teeth





One of private practices’ most unappreciated opportunities is that of their existing patient base.
- Bernie Stoltz
CEO, Fortune Management



Fred Joyal

Practices should show new patients their sterilization center on a tour of the office and explain in detail what lengths they go to.
- Fred Joyal,
President, Futuredontics, Inc.



Terri Lenihan

The system you have when a patient walks in your door needs to be detailed, as you will be collecting a lot of pertinent information in a short amount of time.
- Terri Lenihan, CDPMA, FAADOM, RDA
Practice Administrator, Midwest Endodontics, LLC





Schedule the procedures that will impact the bottom line the most and then fill in around those
- Kevin Henry,
Co-Founder, IgniteDA





Every minute we save with our instrument management system is an investment in our practice productivity.
- David Rice
Founder, Chief Igniter, Ignite DDS




Cassettes help fulfill the OSHA requirement for transporting contaminated sharp items in closed containers.
- Debbie Seidel-Bittke RDH, BS,
CEO/Founder, Dental Practice Solutions




A cassette-based sterilization system significantly impacts the overall efficiency of instrument reprocessing.
- Steven Koos, DDS, MD
Surgeon/Owner, ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio




To succeed in today’s crowded dental marketplace, dentists must overcome two top challenges: mastering the business of dentistry and keeping up with technology.
- Roger Levin
Chairman & CEO, Levin Group




In my opinion, there is no way to practice efficiently without a strong instrument management system in place. This is a no-brainer
- Edward Lin, DDS, MS
Doctor, Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay



Sandy Pardue

Positioning your office as safe and contemporary will contribute to the patients’ perception of receiving quality dental care.
- Sandy Pardue,
Director of Consulting, Classic Practice Resources