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Trusted for over 100 years in clinical practices and schools around the world, HuFriedyGroup understands the vital role of hand instruments in providing quality dental hygiene care for your patients. Our scalers and curettes are made from the finest grade stainless steel to ensure superior performance and longevity. With the largest selection of tip designs in the industry, we also offer a variety of innovative and ergonomic handle designs including the new line of Harmony™ Scalers with TrueFit™ Technology. And, whether your choice of scaler blade is EverEdge™ 2.0 Technology featuring superior edge retention, or our classic Immunity Steel™ Blade, you can be assured that your instruments are meticulously crafted to allow you to perform at your best.


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Gracey curettes

Gracey Curettes are area-specific curettes with blades having a single cutting edge, offset at 70° to the shank, to provide a perfect working angulation to the tooth surface.

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Sickle scalers

Sickle Scalers have two cutting edges that meet at a pointed tip. The back surface is pointed giving a triangular cross-section. The blade can be straight or curved.

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Universal curettes

Universal Curettes have two parallel cutting edges that meet at a rounded toe. The back surface is rounded giving a semi-circular cross section.

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EverEdge 2.0 Technology

EverEdge2.0 Technology

Our signature EverEdge2.0 Technology is unlike anything you’ve experienced before in a scaler. We’ve combined state-of-the-art technology in metallurgy, heat treatment, and cryogenics to create a superior stainless steel that keeps your scalers and curettes sharper longer. That means less frequent sharpening, less hand fatigue, and greater comfort throughout the day.

EverEdge 2.0 Scalers and Curettes are available in three unique handle options

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Immunity Steel Alloy

Immunity SteelAlloy

Immunity Steel is our original and classic, premium blend of stainless steel providing excellent durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.  HuFriedyGroup Immunity Steel™ Scalers are available in four unique handle options.

Clinical Favorites

Most Popular Scalers

Out of the thousands of scalers and curettes to choose from, check out our most popular choices.

1 H6/H7 SH6/7XE2
2 204S S204SXE2
3 H5/33 Jacquette SH5/33XE2
4 Nevi 2 SCNEVI2XE2
5 Nevi 4 SCNEVI4XE2
6 Barnhart 5/6 SBH5/6XE2
7 Columbia 13/14 SC13/14XE2
8 Gracey 1/2 SG1/2XE2
9 Gracey 11/12 SG11/12XE2
10 Gracey 13/14 SG13/14XE2
Dental townie choice awards

Award-Winning Instrumentation

The HuFriedyGroup Scalers and Curettes have collected an impressive amount of hardware over the years, including a 19th-straight  Dental Townie Choice Award® for Hand Instruments: Curettes & Scalers category in 2023.