Designed for fitting of stainless steel crowns and bands.
Ideal for tying stainless steel ligature wires up to .015"(.38 mm).
Thin tips allow for easy access into molar and premolar bands.
Designed for placing first, second and third order bends on stainless steel wires up to .022" x .025" (.56 mm x .64 mm).
Direct Bond Bracket Tweezers.
Designed to bend down the distal extension of an stainless steel archwire protruding past the buccal tube,…
Works well for stainless steel, ceramic and plastic brackets of all types.
Versatile utility pliers with serrations, accommodating wires up to .030" (.76mm).
Versatile utility pliers with long handle and serrations, accommodating wires up to .030" (.76mm).
Reversible, replaceable blade is used to remove the bulk of composite material after debonding attachments.
Direct Bond Bracket Tweezers.
High angle design in long handle is effective for removal of all bracket styles for both the anterior and posterior.