Sliding bracket for optional mounting of Analog Bag Tee
For use with Digital Ultra® Flushmount Flowmeter without RFS™ Chairmount Kits. Includes: Flush Panel Mount Faceplate.
Allows Accutron’s Ultra Flowmeter Series to be mounted on a Porter portable unit or mobile stand.
For use with Ultra PC™ % Cabinet Mount Flowmeters and Digital Ultra™ Flushmount Flowmeters with RFS™ Chairmount Kits.…
Adjustable Mobile Stand for Digital Ultra®, Ultra PC® % and Ultra DC® flowmeters
Sliding bracket for optional mounting of Digital Bag Tee
Mounts RFS™ Remote Flow System to patient chair light 2" (for use with RFS-Digital and RFS-Analog).
Allows Accu-Vac™ to be discreetly mounted inside a cabinet
Accu-Vac™ is a remotely located vacuum control system with an automatic start function.