Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay (OSGB)

Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay (OSGB)

Dr. Edward Lin


Led by Dr. Edward Lin, the team of professionals at Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay (OSGB) help patients achieve their best smile, efficiently and comfortably. OSGB provides leading-edge treatment using advanced technology that is tailored to the patient. With locations in Green Bay and De Pere, WI, OSGB’s top priority is their patients and their smiles.


Upon recent expansion, OSGB was looking for ways to become more efficient. OSGB went from three doctors to four. This increased the number of instruments being managed and in use in their facility. After trying other solutions with unsatisfactory results, Dr. Lin’s team began using Hu-Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS).

“We're investing money in our hand instruments, we wanted to take good care of them. It's a long-term investment. The Hu-Friedy Cassettes organize everything for us in a quick and efficient manner so that we can function well in clinic,” says Dr. Lin.

Dr. Lin and his team needed quality instruments. Hu-Friedy’s industry-leading quality instruments are protected inside the cassette preventing unnecessary contact with one another risking potential damage and increasing their lifespan even further.

“You need quality instruments. You don't want things that are going to be breaking down and wearing down on you. The efficiency and the long-term protection of the instruments, is critical in my opinion. Hu-Friedy instruments, they last,” Dr. Lin explains.

In a practice where time is money, cassettes increase efficiency by keeping the instruments organized while also simplifying and expediting the sterilization process. As soon as a procedure is complete, the cassette is closed with all the instruments protected inside ready to be sterilized making time consuming sterilization methods a thing of the past.

“We have been complimented many times over the years for the priorities that we place on having a strong sterilization protocol put into place and the Hu-Friedy IMS System is a big part of all that,” says Dr. Lin.


Hu-Friedy’s IMS has enabled OSGB to see 60 to 120 patients per day efficiently by keeping the clinic flowing. Cassettes have completely changed Dr. Lin’s practice and he couldn’t imagine his practice operating without them.

“To work without the Hu-Friedy IMS System would be pure chaos. I couldn't tolerate it because instruments are going to get lost. Instruments will get damaged. It would be physically impossible to be able to see the number of patients that we see in a clinical day without the IMS System,” says Dr. Lin.

To work without the Hu-Friedy IMS System would be pure chaos.