Floss and Co.

Floss and Co.

Dr. Izzy Naem


Since 1982, the dental professionals at Floss & Co. have been providing an excellent and affordable dental experience for their patients. Serving the Midway and Chicagoland areas, the Floss & Co. team is dedicated to providing patients with a pleasant visit and results that patients are proud to show off. Led by Dr. Izzy Naem, Floss & Co. aims to change dentistry, creating an entirely new experience to make patients feel at home and more comfortable when visiting the dentist.


Floss & Co. started becoming busier. Patients weren’t seen in a timely fashion and the waiting room was regularly too full. When Dr. Naem asked the staff, they told him they didn’t have enough scalers to keep up. All the instruments were either in use or in reprocessing. At first, Dr. Naem assumed purchasing more instruments would solve the problem. However, the real issue wasn’t with the number of instruments. It was about efficiency.

Instead, Dr. Naem switched to Hu-Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS). The benefits were immediate, with the new process from the cassettes providing a unique calming effect on the team. 

“We don’t have to think about the instruments,” said Dr. Naem. “Where they’re at, where to put them, where to store them. It’s all in the cassette. It was safer, and it was easier.” The cassettes also helped Floss & Co. see more patients. Before, they were averaging one patient an hour per chair. With cassettes, they shaved 15 minutes off that time. Allowing staff to spend more time chairside with patients, making patients feel more comfortable, as well as time to see new patients. 

“Our new patient count actually increased because of that 15 minutes extra that we had after the course of the day,” said Dr. Naem. “We basically had two or three extra slots for new patients to be seen. Literally, we had a 40 percent increase in new patients because of it.”

We had a 40 percent increase in new patients because of [IMS]


The problem Floss & Co.’s faced wasn’t that they didn’t have enough instruments, it was that the instruments were not being managed at their maximum efficiency. By switching to an instrument management system, Dr. Naem has been able to increase revenues and provide a better experience for his growing patient base.

“For me, patients feeling like they're at home, comfortable, and in a place that feels like home.” said Dr. Naem. “That's when people feel that they've really had the overall great experience that we want to give them.”