Best in Practice Video Series

Best in Practice Video Series

Best in Practice Video Series

Welcome to HuFriedyGroup’s Best in Practice Video Series where we showcase clinical and industry specific content to help you be BEST IN PRACTICE. We will feature content from in-house experts as well as leading dental industry partners who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise to keep your patients and practice safe and to help navigate the changing landscape of dentistry.

What is Best in Practice?

Being Best in Practice is more than a motto—it's a commitment to continual learning, adapting, and growing to meet the dynamic needs of dental care. It's about being a step ahead, ready to deliver exceptional service to your patients.

Best in Practice: Insights

Delve into the heart of dental practice management and patient care with our Insights series. This series unveils the essence of achieving operational efficiency while delivering unparalleled patient care.

Workflow Solutions for Practice Efficiency

Dental Unit Waterline Testing

With our 24-Hour In-Office Waterline Test Kit, ensure that the water you use is safe and compliant, shielding both your practice and patients from potential hazards.

Sterilization Consultation

Take our Infection Prevention quiz and step into a world of personalized consultation to streamline your sterilization processes.

Best in Practice: Dr. David Rice & Kevin Henry

Meet the Experts

Dr. David Rice’s Contributions

With a legacy of nurturing the next generation of dental practitioners, Dr. Rice brings a blend of knowledge, experience, and innovative teaching to the Best in Practice series.

Kevin Henry’s Insights

Kevin, with his profound understanding of the dental assistant’s role, provides invaluable insights on optimizing practice operations and patient engagement.