Enzymatic detergent breaks down (digests) organic soils such as blood, tissue and protein rich fluids, while the…
Concentrated liquid specifically formulated for efficient ultrasonic cleaning
Multiple Options Available
Bonded Double Wrap is made from two sheets of SMS polypropylene material that are bonded together, allowing dental…
Effectively removes stain and rust, restoring the luster to stainless steel and tungsten carbide instruments.…
IMS Lead Free Blank Indicator Tape for steam autoclaves includes 60 yards (55 mm) per roll. 3/4" (19 mm) wide.
Starter kit that includes; 25 biological indicators (24 hour incubation time), BI dry block incubator and record keeper…
Self-contained biological indicator for in-office monitoring with results in 24 hours, 100 BIs per box
Standard dry block BI incubator and record keeper booklet
Record keeper booklet for recording sterilizer monitoring result
Multiple Options Available
5 1/4" x 10" sterilization pouch for a handpiece or multiple instruments. 200 pouches/box.
IMS Mini Tape Dispenser holds up to 4 rolls of IMS° Monitor Tape.
IMS Tape Dispenser holds up to 9 rolls of IMS Monitor Tape.