Infection Control Expanded Starter Package provides a significant value on a wider assortment of the key infection…
Bundles the essential PPE a practice needs to help keep employees and patients safe in one convenient kit. Includes up…
Brings together up to a month's supply of the key infection prevention, cleaning and care and PPE products a practice…
Type 1 Process Indicator for Dry Heat, 100 strips per box
52 tests (1 spore test strip and 1 control strip), postage not included
Contact Label Manual Applicator
Holds up to 2 rolls of 1” tape
Steam Type 5 Chemical Integrator Strip, 100 strips per bag
Multiple Options Available
Built-in internal/external process indicators that change color when exposed to a specific temperature.
Bowie-Dick Air Removal Test, Detects Presence of Air in Prevacuum Steam Sterilizers, 30 test packs per case
IMS Lead Free Blank Indicator Tape for steam autoclaves includes 60 yards (55 mm) per roll. 3/4" (19 mm) wide.
Record keeper booklet for recording sterilizer monitoring result