.018" Ligature Director, specially designed for lingual application.
Designed for proper wire placement and improved torque expression in an .018" slot lingual system.
Signature Series™ Cassette containing instrumentation for Ortho Banding/Bonding procedures.
The Clear Aligner Adjustment Kit features instrumentation designed for ortho clear aligner applications.
Lingual Ligature Director with Picker for wires up to .021" x .025" (.53mm x .64mm)
Multi-use pliers with serrations for bending NiTi up to .025" (.64 mm). For NiTi wire only.
Uniquely designed for lingual treatment, cuts soft wire pins and ligature wires up to .012" (.30 mm).
Versatile utility pliers with serrations, accommodating wires up to .030" (.76mm).
The Spot creates a tiny rounded dimple for spot contacts to accent small individual tooth movements or added retention.
Creates half-moon cutouts for relief of clear aligners around bonded buttons used for elastics and nips away plastic to…
Designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires up to .012" (.30 mm).
Designed to cut all types of wires ranging from .012" (.30 mm) to .021" x .025" (.53 mm x .64 mm).