3/4 Rigid After Five™ Gracey Curette, Harmony™ Handle


3/4 Rigid After Five™ Gracey Curette with Harmony™ Ergonomic Curette handle, designed with TrueFit™ Technology, is your truly ergonomic hand scaling solution scientifically proven to reduce pinch force up to 65% and the amount of pressure applied t
SKU Handle
SRP3/4RXE2 Harmony™ Ergonomic Handle
SRP3/4R7 #7 Satin Steel™ Colours™
SRP3/4R8 #8 ResinEight™
SRP3/4R9E2 #9 EverEdge™
SRP3/4RC8E2 #C8 Resin 8 Colors™
SRPG3/4R #2 Octagon
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