Black Line Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery


Pictured: KO12KPO3AX – ½ Allen Orban Knife

Periodontal knives are used to create a bevel incision, contour the gingiva or to excise interproximal tissue. Hu-Friedy periodontal knives are finished by hand to aids in smooth, sharp edges for improved precision and efficiency.

  • Smooth, sharp edges aids in precise incisions and efficient recontouring of soft tissue
  • Wide range of blade designs for various surgical and periodontal procedures
periodontal knives


Pictured: PPBUSER12X – Buser Modified Periodontal Chisel

Periodontal Bone Chisels are used to remove and/or contour periodontal bone, make secondary incisions, or to remove remaining tooth fibers during periodontal surgery. Hu-Friedy Periodontal Bone Chisels come in a variety of sizes to accommodate clinicians’ needs.

  • Meticulously handcrafted from the highest grade surgical stainless steel
  • Engineered to provide optimal performance when reshaping and contouring bone or reflecting secondary palatal flaps
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Periodontal bone chisel


Pictured: P9X – Molt Periosteal Elevator

Periosteals are used for reflecting and retracting the mucoperiosteum. Hu-Friedy periosteals are handcrafted to efficiently reflect the tissue from the bone to gain access to the surgical site.

  • Precision finished edges for smooth tissue reflection with minimal trauma
  • Available in a variety of designs ensuring optimal access and clinical efficiencies during surgical and periodontal procedures


Pictured: CM2/4X – 2/4 Molt Curette, Double-Ended

Surgical curettes are used to remove soft or diseased tissue from bony areas in the mouth, such as a cyst or within a tooth socket. The sharp, round shape aids in thorough debridement during surgical procedures.

  • Engineered to effortlessly remove large calculus deposits and hard tissue, ensuring optimal curettage during surgical and periodontal procedures
  • Large diameter handle and terminal shank widths to deliver superior performance and enhance efficiency
Surgical curettes

Dr. Jon Suzuki Testimonial

Karl Koerner

“The Black Line instruments are extremely well made and handle with ease during extended surgical procedures. I was amazed to find the cutting edge of the Black Line instruments maintain their acuity throughout the entire periodontal surgery.”
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