Black Line Atraumatic Extraction Instruments


Pictured: EL3SX – Luxating Elevator, 3mm, Straight

Luxating elevators are designed with sharp, thin blades for cutting periodontal ligaments. They reduce pressure on the adjacent teeth as they are used in a rocking motion for cutting as opposed to a standard elevator that lifts and pries.

  • Designed with sharp, thin blades for cutting periodontal ligaments
  • Available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm widths, both straight and curved designs
  • View Dr. Karl Koerner recommended Surgical Kit featuring the Black Line Collection.
Straight Luxating elevator


Pictured: PT2X - Periotome, Anterior, Double-Ended

Periotomes are designed to facilitate the removal of teeth with minimal damage to the surrounding alveolar bone. They may be used when an extraction is indicated, but are particularly important when considering the placement of a dental implant.

  • Thin, clinically designed blades to sever attachments easily
  • Blades are permanently fixed to handle and will not rotate under pressure
  • Available in both Single-Ended and Double-Ended, Posterior and Anterior Applications
Double ended anterior periotome

Dr. Karl Koerner Testimonial

Karl Koerner

“I am so pleased with the Black Line, it represents a coming together of smart instrument usage and the newest technology for a “home run” in surgical armamentarium. The enhanced lubricity, prolonged edge retention, black finish for contrast at the surgical site, and more ergonomic handle make this a “must have” for those doing exodontia.”
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